Bros, and any affiliated, with the most awesome place to work,

I want to take a couple minutes to thank you. Over the weekend I took stock of the incredible experience and phenomenal support I’ve had as a McCall Smokejumper. The thousands of dollars raised, continuous follow up, and tireless support have made all the difference.

I reflected on my experience as a McCall Smokejumper because this weekend marks a significant change. I reflected on being suited up and in the door, swatting skeets in the Alaskan Tundra, swinging a tool around a hot edge, to the life changing event where I came out of a coma, then learned to walk again. The base has been incredibly supportive for the last 2.5 years.

Since my accident, I’ve been permitted to continue my recovery on light/limited duty. I’ve wanted nothing more than to recover and put a chute on my back and squeeze into a plane with my bros again. While I continue to get stronger and faster every month, this fall an honest decision had to be made - “will I be able to meet the physical fitness standards for the upcoming fire season?”

This was not an easy question to answer. I didn’t want to answer it. I knew it was important that I was honest with the base and honest with myself so I faced it. The honest answer is, it would be unlikely nor a good idea to subject my titanium spine, to such rigors. I have decided to resign my position.

My resignation is effective October 31st 2015. Today, November 1st, I am no longer working for the jumpbase or the Forest Service.

I am hopeful, through the private sector, I will be able to continue the work I’ve found over the last two years - making fire training/educational videos.

Thank you bros. Thank you for being there and continuing to be there. I know that I’ll always be able to call McCall home if a few bros are around.

LMFL class of 09” 

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